Frequently Asked Questions

Orion Strike stands as a mobile application featuring fish-themed gaming and sweepstakes. This versatile app is compatible with cell phones, tablets, and computers, offering users the convenience of playing wherever they choose, whether at home or on the go.

To acquire the Orion Strike app, simply visit our website at You can decide whether to scan the provided QR code or use the specified link to start the download.

To establish your Orion Strike account, you can visit a participating store that offers this software. The operator at the store will guide you through the setup process and furnish you with your login credentials. Alternatively, you can fill out the player form on our website, and a store representative will reach out to assist you.

The store operator responsible for setting up your account can also facilitate the addition of points to your Orion Strike account.

If you encounter a "Network Unstable Connecting" message, it's advisable to check your network connection. Even if your WiFi signal appears strong, it's possible that your network is experiencing fluctuations or is intermittently slow. When using your data plan, ensure that you have a stable and robust cellular signal. Inadequate network connectivity can result in disconnections from your games.

To create a private table, take a seat at a table, and a unique password will be generated. Share this password with your friends, who can then use it to join the table.

To join a private table, obtain the password from the host of the table. Take a seat at the private table and enter the provided password to access it.

The binding feature on Orion Strike enhances the security of your account. When you bind your device, your Orion Strike account can only be accessed on that specific device. This additional security measure serves to block unauthorized access. In the event that you obtain a new phone and neglect to unbind your account, the account holder retains the capability to unbind it on your behalf.

To qualify for bonuses and community prizes, you must be actively engaged in gameplay. Simply occupying a room or table without participating in games does not make you eligible for these rewards.

Upon winning a jackpot, a pop-up notification will prompt you to claim your winnings. Failure to claim your jackpot means it will remain available until you do so. If you can't see the notification, try logging out and then logging back in; the claim window will reappear each time you log in until you've successfully claimed your jackpot.

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